Win A LEGO Star Wars BB-8 Watch!


Everybody loves BB-8, that adorable ball of droid goodness from Star Wars. Everyone needs to know what time it is every now and then. So why not combine them? That right, we're talking about a LEGO Star Wars BB-8 watch, and you can win one super easy. Just click below to enter, there's several ways to do it and you can increase your odds by doing them all.


BrickNerd LiveBuild - Star Wars Timekeeping And Holiday Polybags


It's December, and that means we're counting down to two things Star Wars The Last Jedi and Christmas (not necessarily in that order). And what better way to count down that with a LEGO clock or watch? Join me as I check out a new Stormtrooper alarm clock and BB-8 watch as build a couple holiday polybags. Anything that passes the time before Santa visits is a good thing right?

Waiting (Not So) Patiently For This Guy

It's December 3rd, so we're still three weeks away from the night jolly old Saint Nicholas comes down the chimney (seen here brilliantly realized by builder vincentkiew). I hope those adults reading this can take a moment to think of the children. Right now, all over the world, they are in anguish. For time passes more slowly this time of year, so slow in fact it's functionally immeasurable. I can sorta relate, I've been waiting for my new 3D printer for three weeks. Be strong kids, you can do this.

Santa Claus

Micro Tintin Rocket

I love a MOC that makes me go "wait, what?" That was precisely my reaction as I scrolled Flickr this morning and came across this little wonder by builder [E]ddy. Yes, that's Tintin's rocket, and yes, it's only 6 parts, and yes those are stickers (but the builder assures us they are official LEGO stickers). It's all so meticulously done and wonderfully simple.

Micro Lego Tintin "Explorers on the moon"

Mission San Escobar

This lonely Caribbean island by PigletCiamek makes me want to be on a boat. Not a pirate ship really, but a Disney Cruise Line boat. And I won't get off the boat in all likelihood, I'll just admire the island from a distance while I eat way too much food and enjoy some activities. But since this is 1715 there's no such thing as DCL yet, so likely I have dementia and probably scurvy, and am actually in a small row boat. I'm a terrible Pirate.

02 Mission - San Escobar, 1715