Jack's House

Tim Burton’s design for The Nightmare Before Christmas is as iconic as the film itself. Everywhere you look in the film there’s things so wonderfully off kilter they defy logic but draw you in. It’s so charming your brain just automatically forgives any gap in reality. Builder monstrophonic captures this aesthetic perfectly with this rendition of Jack Skellington’s house, and the same rules apply here.

Behind The Scenes Of Empire Strikes Back

When Star Wars came out in 1977 I was 9 years old, the perfect age to be warped for life. I can remember scouring every issue of Starlog, Cinefex, Cinefatastiqe and every other magazine and book I could find. Images like this scene, brilliantly recreated by Konrad Aksinowicz fueled my imagination and ignited my passion for visual effects and filmmaking. The creative geniuses at ILM have always been heroes of mine, and paved the way for me and entire generation of anonymous craftspeople making movie magic behind the scenes.

The One That Started It All

I vividly remember when the Gameboy came out. I was working on The Boneyard in North Carolina and saw a segment on TV promoting it. The next day I went to Wal-Mart (the first I’d ever been to) and bought two, one for me and one for my girlfriend. I then proceeded to play it non-stop for years. It was truly a game changer (pun intended) and I’m proud to say I still have them 30 years later, not that they’re totally functional. I still have my girlfriend too, only now I call her my wife. Thanks for the warm fuzzy nostalgia Cha Mi.

Dragon Combiner Mech

The French Bricks Junky has come up with a new spin on a familiar theme. Similar to the Mega Mechs we all know and love from Saturday morning cartoons way back when, and of course the official Voltron set I reviewed a while back, this combiner consists of Chinese dragons. Each one is occupied by a minifig pilot, and the entire rig is decidedly more posable than Voltron. I appreciate the intricate details put into this, too; horns, moustaches and the like. You can watch it in action in the video. Okay, now let’s see a battle!!

Mickey And The Roadster Racers

Everyone knows what a Disney fan I am, so naturally this brilliant little pair of cars from Ianying616 caught my eye. While I’ve never seen the show they’re based on (what do you want? There’s no young children at my house these days), I can see right away that a lot of care went into recreating these. I just want to zoom zoom them.